DARE-1 is no more FEAR one

DARE-1 is reality now. Literally it is a dream cable in this region. Currently a minimum of four planned cables are there in this route. DARE-1 has made the business case of planned cables more complex!

DARE-1 at a glance:

Distance: 5400 Kilometres

Fiber thread: 3 pairs

Capacity: 36 Tbps

Landing Stations:

Djibouti City, Djibouti

Barbera, Somalia

Bosaso, Somalia

Mogadishu, Somalia

Mombasa, Kenya

Owners: Djibouti Telecom, Africa Marine Express, Telesom, Hormuud Telecom Somalia, Golis Telecommunications, Somtel International, Kenya Government+Telkom Kenya

DARE-1 has covered three countries. Kenya has 51.3 Million population where GDP is very competitive, 6.3. Individuals using the internet in kenya, Somalia & Djubouti are 17.8%, 2% and 55.7% respectively. Internet traffic density of Djubouti talks. If there is supply there will be demand.

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