Entrepreneurs around us in Sub Cable Industry.


Entrepreneurship is the most easiest way to earn money in the information and telecommunication sector. A thirteen year old boy can become millionaire over night and give a white color job to his uncle, KRISNA. An average personality like Ma Yun can create thousands of job for best grads of the top listed universities. But if you are ENTERP of SubSeaCable, in the first year your girl friend will leave you. In the second year your family will go against you. In the very third year your friend circle will become enemy to you. Eventully after fiften years you will landed as SubSeaCable system blogger attacking suited-booted gentlemen of the industry like a street thug of NYC. Anyway it is good for him as it is the cheapest way to achieve publicity by comforting himself that i am yet a part of the industy.

Well , there is success story too. Success has its own definition here. You will never hear in your life time that a guy named Mr. Remi Glasso or Mr. Larry Schwartz becomes billionaire in X years building submarine cable. Rather in one fine morning you will hear that a company named GCX has filed bankrupty. By this time you may heared that a company named google is building cable without any logic in the west coast of Africa connecting St. Helena investing huge amount of $ where population is less than 6K. I never notice last six month that INTELSET CEO has commited suicide seeing this news. May be i have over looked the news!

Yet the industry is not the waste land. Here is political barrier, permit issue, geografical hardle, Government policy and regulation threat, global worming, natural desister and CLS drama.These are shortlisted parameter only. White paper is in the archieve, not disclaused. Despite all of this negative factors some super heros are thriving continuously to make this industry future compatible.

Fiona and Rosalind is working very hard to connect continents by their designed cable SAEx which is a perfect example of entrepreneurship where industry can learn a lot including newcomer.

Sunil has defeated Robert Bruce who set his motherland free after sixth attempt.

Next to completion of H1 successfully Remi has started building H2 where both of them are fantastic piece of art.

Larry has connected isolated south America with civilized north SEABRAS. And he is continuously involved in inovation and new opportunity exploration.

Arun ‘da is another braveheart who has dedicated his life to connect India through completely new route creating a company named IoX. This is inovative in a sence that Indian region is most untuched area where almost half of the population of the globe reside.

A total of 30 cables have been displayed in SNW19 which is a brand new sunrise in the horizon. Suboptic is involved continuously to develop the industry and creat standardization to bring sustainablity from the root. Capacity Media is also another identity who brings stake holder, partner,consultant and customer in the same platform and evolve toward progress.

Bottom line is that where there is a will , there is a way.

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